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Company introduction

Company introduction

Jiangsu Lianhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, it has registered capital of 2 million yuan,and it is located in Linjiang New District, Haimen, Nantong City, Jiangsu province.It relies upon the south of the Yangtze River, North Ningqi high-speed, and high-speed coastal,it is in the two intersection points of the Yangtze River and the coastal opening area, the distance between our company and Shanghai is only 60 kilometers,The geographical position is superior, and the transportation is convenient. The main products are fuel ethanol, ethanol, alcohol, food grade, and industrial grade carbon dioxide,Our production technology is in the domestic leading level. Our company has become the gold enterprise for seven consecutive years , and the industry backbone enterprises in Haimen city, It has become the agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, and the enterprise landmark in Jiangsu province in 2014.It has made important contributions to the development of the local economy. Our company is committed to changing the past traditional ethanol industry, and the high pollution, high energy consumption, high emission ,the "three high" industry model,to build an upstream and downstream industrial chain of circular economy using fuel ethanol as the core product, on the basis of the existing industrial chain further extension, formation of the production of fuel alcohol, ethyl alcohol extension products, agricultural products processing, waste of resources utilization, ecological farming, green planting as one of circular economy enterprises.

Our company is a high technology enterprise, and it has Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, The company insists on the road of the combination of independent innovation "production, learning and research", and it has established a close relationship of production, learning and research cooperation with Jiangnan University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Shandong University and other well-known colleges and universities.It cultivated a large number of scientific and technical professionals to achieve a wide and in-depth communication and resource sharing. Our company has a large number of research results and has independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, It has undertaken a major scientific and technological achievements transformation project funds, Jiangsu Province Science and technology support program, and national spark technology projects in Jiangsu province,and it has applied for 37 patents,and has won 23 national patents. It has won the China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association of scientific and technological progress second prize, Jiangsu Province Science and technology progress prize, second prize of scientific and technological progress in Nantong City, Haimen City Science and technology progress grand prize and other honorary titles.

Subsidiary Company:

1、Nantong Lianhai Wheatchain Bioproducts Co.,Ltd

The annual outputs of gluten and wheat soluble protein have both achieved 60,000 tons and that of starch and modified starch are both 200,000 tons.

2、Jiangsu Lianhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.,

The annual outputs of ethanol, butanol and acetone are 250,000 tons and that of absolute ethyl alcohol is 50,000 tons.

The annual output of food-grade and industrial-grade carbon dioxide is 200,000 tons.

3、Nantong Lianpu Chemistry Co., Ltd,

The annual output of butyl/ethyl acetate is 300,000 tons.

4、Nantong Lianhai biological Thermal Power Co., Ltd

It is planned to equip 4 furnaces and 4 machines at 640t/h CFB 75MW. Two 100-ton boilers have been built and two 220-ton boilers will be built in the second phase.

5、Nantong He Bao Bio Technology Co., Ltd

It has the capacity to produce 100,000 tons of organic fertilizer annually and further expand to green planting and ecological farming.

6、Jiangsu Lianhai Logistics Co., Ltd

Two 3000-ton and one 1000-ton Yangtze River dock, one 500-ton inland terminal depot.






























"Our company insisted on the green, recyclable and sustainable development as our philosophy, and sees" reduction, reuse, resource oriented "as the core, to accelerate the popularization and application of advanced technology of circular economy. We will implement the enterprise development strategy of "deep processing of agricultural products as the foundation, the bio chemical industry as the leading point,and the extension of bio chemical products and comprehensive utilization of resources as the support". Our company has initially formed the agricultural products deep processing, bio chemical industry, comprehensive utilization of biomass resources new pattern for industrial development, to achieve the closed loop of "natural resources - Biological manufacturing green products -- comprehensive utilization of the renewable resources of green products".It has become the important agricultural products deep processing base, also the bio chemical production base,and the example base of circular economy and sustainable development.